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Showcase your products or services to the right people at the right time and spend less on advertisements and promotions.

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About Waronga

Waronga is a Swahili word which means You have planned.

How Waronga works for you

Waronga provides information to users from professionals. This information is provided in form of step by step processes to complete their goals. At the moment we have over 100 plans in about 600 industries. These plans need products and services you may supply.

People follow plans on Waronga to achieve their goals. Different stages in these plans need products and services some of which you supply. If you add your products and services we will automatically notify users who are waiting for the products and services.

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Amazing Features

Waronga is designed to cater for many users in the perspective of their preference.

User Friendly

App is easy to use and you can complete the whole initial process in less than 3 minutes.

Less Emails more action

Reduce clutter because we send out only communication that can result in a goal for your business.

Cross Selling

Benefit from automated cross selling functions and place your product in sight of the customer when they need it.

Unlimited Possibility

We add new features almost every week ensuring that we cover more angles without diverting from the main purpose.

Waronga App
Waronga App


Reduce your marketing and promotion budget by using this intelligent platform to achieve more sales quicker.

User Friendly

Super Fast Speed

A winning formula

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Choose your plan

Unlike other online advertising platforms where businesses compete with money, Waronga treats all service providers as equals, allowing you to compete with your service level not the size of your budget.

No contracts
Pay as You Go

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  • Unlimited Products/Services.
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Waronga FAQ

We got you covered, check those faq if its not there just ask us.

Registration and adding of products is free. You will be awarded 15 credits on registration. After that the system works on a credit system in which one credit costs R5.

By advertising to people who are already looking for your products or services you spend less on marketing. You can also offer instant bulk purchase discounts when there is a group of people looking for the same product.

No we use a completely different paradigm. Our main focus is delivering information to users to help them complete their goals faster. We realise that in order to complete their goals people will need products or services. This allows you to advertise with an increased probability of a sale.

Any individual or business who is able to supply a service or product more than once. We do not accept once off classified ads.

You can visit our Facebook page or just contact us using the details below.

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